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“Survival depends upon letting go of the satisfaction of othering.” adrienne maree brown

…”on the left, there is a nominal preference for “self-crit” and “accountability” rather than outright punishment, which usually means that the person who is understood to be guilty of an offense must immediately (immediately!) denounce themselves, often publicly, and then perhaps engage in some sort of reparative labour. this in itself has the potential to be positively transformative, but requires great skill to facilitate successfully. we cannot be forced into immediate personal and spiritual growth — we must come by it willingly, or else we only end up disappointed at best and retraumatized at worst. this takes time, resources, and compassion on all sides. it takes compromise and is not immediately gratifying (nor even gratifying in the medium term, frankly).” Kai Cheng Thom

Upcoming 2021 Online Workshops and Courses
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  • Extimacy & Racial Transparency in the Embodied Relational Field
  • Reciprocal Historic Repair

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